Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Dragon's Call by K.W. McCabe

In a thoughtless final act of destruction, humans wake the one creature of legend they have no protection against. Years after the complete subjugation of the human race, Derek, heir of the Dragon Queen, and Cecily, create a tentative friendship. But something or someone is stalking the human enclave. Cecily and Derek must find out who and why before she's next.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review. 

My Thoughts:
I absolutely adored this book!

I could not put this down! From the beginning you get the feeling that there are much larger things at work. The Queen and all of the dragons have so much secrecy, and the whole time you are wondering where Cecily fits into everything. 

The chemistry between Cecily and Derek was perfect. Even though there is a stronger connection between them, there was none of that insta-love going on. Their emotions felt real and it was fun to see them progress in their relationship. I was heartbroken for Cecily when she thought the worst of Derek. I wish she wouldn't have doubted herself or her feelings about Derek. There was so much prejudice in the book; Dragons hating humans, humans hating the Dragons. I was glad Cecily and Derek were able to look beyond what species they were and follow their hearts. :)

The writing was superb! McCabe gave us a world that was original and harsh but one that I loved at the same time. My only thing I wanted to change was Tariq. His loyalty is without question, and I understand some of his hatred towards humans, but how he can think so low of them still after interacting with them, especially Cecily, was heartbreaking. I was hoping he would open up more. At least he stays by Derek's side through thick and thin.

 I loved the chapters with the "Recollections of Todd Burns." THey added to the mystery and allowed the reader to think about other things besides the relationship of Derek and Cecily. It really helped to keep the story moving along so there were no dull times. 

While I had never read anything by McCabe before, it is safe to say that I will be doing so in the future. I loved this book and I can't wait to read more by this author!

My Rating: 5 Stars!

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About the Author:
K.W. McCabe is a Californian transplant to Minnesota. She lives there with her family where she tries very hard to stay warm in all the snow. She has loved fairy tales, Sci-fi, and fantasy all her life, and has been writing stories and poems of that nature since she could first spell. She has worked, in the past, as a library assistant, a baby sitter, a counseling hotline intern, and as a case manager. She maintains that art and writing can only be done when inspired, and inspiration comes from a sufficient amount of laziness. Currently, she is working on Dragon Kin.

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