Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

In many books you read about these perfect romances where the guy always says the right thing and they fall head of heels in love within seconds of meeting each other. That is not Jamie McGuire's style at all. The romance in the book was real. As you are reading, you can see the connection as it starts and as it all develops. There is nothing perfect about it, except that it is perfectly human, meaning emotions run wild and characters say and do things that they may learn to regret later on.
My favorite part was watching how Travis changes. He tries so hard to be the best Travis he can be for Abby, and even when he messes up, he leaves the reader still cheering for him. :) Though the scene were Abby meets Travis' family is beyond hilarious. Got to love a girl that knows how to hold her own amongst that crowd.

The book also didn't have just one main event and then the story was over. I would consider two parts of the story major climaxes that worked well with each other and ultimately led to the ending that left me feeling nothing but smiles.

I would give this book a full five stars if I had a rating system, but if you are offended by certain language, drinking, or sex, I would have to say that this book would not be for you. That being said, I would encourage everyone to give this book a try, especially with the news that Travis' point of view (Walking Disaster) will be published in April of 2013.

Best college romance book I have ever read!

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