Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cursed Review

Cursed by Jennifer Armentrout

Ember is cursed, or at least that is what she believes. After a terrible accident that tore her family apart, Ember has been trying to keep the pieces of her life together and take care of her sister Olivia. Because she technically didn't survive the accident; her sister brought her back after she died, and now everything Ember touches dies. Soon Ember is introduced to a world where there are others like her, and can maybe help her learn how to live with her curse. That is if she can learn who it is that can actually be trusted.

I loved this book. I've read books that include a person that can kill with one touch, but Armentrout used her amazing writing skills and put her own unique spin on the story. I have to admit that most books with this sort of plot are not my thing, but once again Armentrout has produced an amazing and gripping story that I could not put down once I started to read it.

The romance between Hayden and Ember was believable. Some books go for that instant connection, but here Hayden had to earn Ember's trust and along the way her love. It had me cheering for them by the end of the book. :)

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good read that doesn't drag on that has a really good twist at the end. Worthy of 5 stars. I also love how Armentrout ended the book without using a cliffhanger, but she also left the story open so that she could continue it as a series if she ever wanted to and I hope she does!

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